UX Strategy & Consulting

Our experts can help you develop and promote human-centered strategies within your organization. With the right approach and processes, you can lead your organization to the next level.

Through consulting and professional training, we make organizations, digital products, and services more human-centered. Whether you’re a startup or an established company or organization, you can count on us to create the best possible user experience for your digital products or services.

UX means more than just the product interface; it encompasses the whole experience a person will have with your brand and their overall satisfaction. We’ll provide you an unbiased perspective at key points within your project lifecycle, providing insights on long-term strategic design and business decisions.

User Research

Our experts design and facilitate studies to give you bold insights and concrete recommendations for improvement.

Through deep qualitative and quantitative research, we uncover your customers' behaviors and motivations. We match the best research method to address your specific objectives and right-size our efforts without blowing your budget.

We synthesize this user research into a set of insights to guide your design and achieve ambitious business goals. Our approach is collaborative, and our recommendations are always actionable.

Some research techniques we conduct:

  • Ethnography
  • Contextual Inquiry
  • Focus Groups
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Diary Studies
  • Design Thinking

UX Design

Our experts combine research insights with technical possibility, harnessing design thinking principles and prototyping ideas into solutions.

Good design goes beyond beautifully designed interfaces - it can help reduce operational costs dramatically by enabling users to work more efficiently.

We combine the information into wireframes. Depending on the level of fidelity required, these can be delivered as a set of screenshots, a deck of slides in PowerPoint or an interactive online wireframe.

User Testing

Our experts validate your assumptions at any stage, from low fidelity (sketches, wireframes) to live websites and applications, tailoring each project to reflect your goals and timeline.

User testing is grounded in behavioral observations to provide design insights. We guide discussions to help you interpret the findings, and determine how user feedback might generalize to your situation.

We apply a test-driven systematic approach to collecting data so that the recommendations are based on evidence, and generate actionable findings to improve your designs. We design test(s) for your specific needs: 1-on-1 in-lab testing, remote testing, in the field testing, eyetracking – often a combination.

Some testing techniques we conduct:

  • Think Aloud Tests
  • User Journey Tests
  • Chalmark Tests
  • Five-Second Tests
  • Card Sorting
  • Tree Tests