Supporting the increasing importance of online channels

Meliá’s strategy is to adapt and continue to lead the industry in the modern digital environment. Digital transformation is not just about technology and sales channels, it also requires the adaptation of organizational structures, culture, skills, roles, systems and processes to the new business environment.

Meliá teams are constantly iterating, solving problems, and working together to empower people around the world to build community and connect the brand in meaningful ways.

Areas of improvement for a better customer experience requires to optimize relationships with Meliá customers. This include hyper-segmentation and personalization, enhanced value proposition, omnichannel e-commerce and new digital business models.

Some challenges our experts tackled were:

  • Increasing importance of online channels over offline channels
  • Evidence-based decision-making
  • Enhance customer loyalty and customer lifetime value
  • Sales model adapted to the digital environment (B2B and B2C)
  • New ad-hoc, multi-language website
  • Timeline 2016-2017
  • Industry Tourism
  • Services UX Strategy & Consulting
    UX Research
    UX Design
    User Testing
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Getting insights from user research and testing

Our experts were on hand to help Meliá tackle customer experience challenges, ease their design decisions, and make concrete recommendations to enhance the overall experience on different devices. This often took the form of: design and UX strategy workshops, usability evaluations, participatory design thinking workshops, competitor benchmarking, best practice analysis, and audits.

The only way we can deliver truly excellent customer experience is if understanding our customers. People don’t behave how they say or think they will. Our range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques helped Meliá uncover the true behaviour of their customers.

Torresburriel Estudio redesigned the platform for wealth managers and financial advisors. We first refreshed the visual system for all products, and then undertook a broader initiative to simplify and modernize tools for customers. In parallel to these design efforts, we conducted internal design trainings, and helped them to establish an internal design department.

Finally, some testing techniques on different global markets (Spain, Germany, USA, UK) enabled us to identify facilitators, points of friction and difficulties perceived by current/potential website customers in terms of interaction, understanding, attitude and overall experience. Through the behavior of the user we assessed overall performance and other subjective metrics such as perceived efficiency and satisfaction. These studies identified real perceptions which served as recommendations for the next version of Meliá website on different devices to deliver a breathtaking experience.

New checkout processes are now streamlined, transaction-focused, and information-rich, giving users quick access to the information they most desire, while also providing a broad and inspiring look at different accommodation options.

Turning insights into profits: revenue experienced a two-digit year over year growth.

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  1. After full redesign processes under our supervision, digital channels revenue experienced an interesting growth. This comprises significant increases in market share and customer retention and decreases in customer-acquisition, support, and training costs.
  2. Focus everyone on the same long-term strategy for user experience at Meliá, developing a precise roadmap for creating digital outputs that are more user friendly. To achieve this goal, we based UX strategy on user research and testing rather than on stakeholder assumptions.
  3. Strategy for strengthening and growing Meliá UX team to meet the future demands of the organization, looking for places where the team can improve and places where the team want to focus future efforts.

Quotes start Torresburriel Estudio helped us draw the big picture of what needed to change and then developed a precise roadmap to help us get there. Quotes end

David Benito Digital Channels at Meliá Hotels International