Promoting a sense of safety and comfort

Connected to the largest Spanish banks, Besepa’s services include mandate management, direct presentation to banks, recurrence, support for SEPA schemes, error notifications, and cloud-based integration. It helps reduce the time dedicated to the generation and management of remittances, especially in monitoring rejections and returns.

Besepa hired Torresburriel Estudio to establish a better user experience for their financial services website. Consumers have grown accustomed to seamlessly usable platforms in every aspect of our lives, and they expect the finance sector, an inherently complex industry, to follow suit.

Some challenges to tackle were:

  • Promote a sense of safety and comfort knowing their financial operations are secure. Transparency fosters a sense of trust between the application and the user.
  • Research ways to improve the registration process (onboarding).
  • Make the website more visually appealing.
  • Timeline 2016
  • Industry Financial Services
  • Services User Research
    UX Design
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Getting insights from research for a better business and users understanding

The essential draw of fintech is that users can perform all financial operations easily, but it’s prudent to remember that that entails serious financial decisions. One main goal was to strengthen trust on Besepa platform and API. It’s a very domain-intensive area, so typically they asked for something a bit more conceptual than a design agency.

We worked with Besepa to understand the business and user goals of the site, because understanding fintech means understanding an industry undergoing a digital platform revolution. During this phase, we carried out a card sorting activity to reach a better understanding while we developed paper prototypes to start the ball rolling. We translated those into lo-fi wireframes and turned them very quickly into hi-fi screen designs for both mobile and web.

With this information, we developed visual designs. To help simplify the process, we added illustrations to all financial features. This made the choice easier to understand. Vivid graphics and colors enhanced the experience, which is important in order to make a dry subject like management of remittances more exciting. With attractive images, personal recommendations, testimonials and support, we provide financial experience in the modern way that customers are already used to.

Our work led to the creation of a fundamentally new way to explain complex financial processes. As a result, we moved financial service complexity to the background, providing intuitive and dead-simple interface to deliver a great user experience.

Understanding fintech means understanding a digital revolution.

Image of the case study


  1. Make the website more visually appealing. This is especially challenging for a fintech platform, not only because contents needs to be clear and easy to understand, but also engaging to promote registration and usage.
  2. Restructure the website layout as a driver for innovation. Minimalism is about how information is structured and how to reduce cognitive load required to understand features.
  3. Improve the registration process, reaching a frictionless onboarding to significantly speed up time to revenue. When learning anything new, being bombarded with information can be overwhelming, which makes most users leave before they begin.

Quotes start Our collaboration was easy, straightforward, and nice. There were no ego clashes and no friction. Also, Torresburriel Estudio consistently delivers high-quality results. Quotes end

Alberto Molpeceres CEO at Besepa Technologies